Carrier Bags

Merrypak carrier bags are manufactured in our Cape Town factory. We use a variety of
types of paper depending on the requirements for the particular bag. We choose paper
types that print and fold well (without cracking) and are strong enough to hold the
contents of the bag.

For our Eco friendly carriers, we hand-fold Baywhite or Kraftliner paper. Baywhite is an
uncoated white-topped kraft paper. The top layer is eucalyptus pulp and the bottom is
unbleached virgin softwood pulp. We make carriers using either side of the paper
depending on whether you require a white or brown finish. Baywhite prints very well and
can be printed in solid colours and even up to 4 colour process. Kraftliner is a course
natural brown paper. Kraftliner prints well but is not suitable for 4 colour process. The
colour of kraftliner can differ from batch to batch. Our Eco Friendly carriers are finished
with woven cord, cotton tape or jute handles. These carriers are fully recyclable once
the handles have been removed.

Our premium range of carrier bags is manufactured from 200gsm coated white art
paper. After printing, we laminate a thin film of gloss or matt plastic onto the paper to
give it a strong, prestige finish. These carriers can also be foiled or spot varnished. They
are finished with woven cord or flat cotton tape handles.

Our economy carriers are machine made using the same Baywhite paper that we use
for our Eco friendly range. The carriers can be made white side out or brown side out as
required. Some of our economy carriers have twisted paper handles and others are
finished with cord or jute handles. Our economy range is all 100% recyclable.

Boxes and Sundries

When choosing packaging, the material is just as important as the style of box. We use
two categories of board for our products – corrugated and smooth.
Corrugated board is made from two outer layers and a fluted inner layer which gives the
board extra strength to protect the product. We use two thicknesses of corrugated board
– thinner E Flute board (1.75mm) and thicker B Flute board (3mm). E Flute provides an
excellent surface for high quality printing with fine detail. B Flute is standard carton
board which provides good cushioning. Corrugated board is fully recyclable and

In smooth board, we use 290g sulphate board or 300g brown kraft board. Sulphate
board is coated on the one side and prints excellently even for solid areas and up to 4
colour process. Kraft board is slightly textured untreated board which prints well but is
not suitable for solid areas or 4 colour printing. Note that the colour of kraft board can
differ from batch to batch. All of our boxes and product packs are 100% recyclable.