Merrypak started off as a small jobbing printer. Over time we diversified into packaging
manufacture although we are still printers at heart. With the success of our retail side, we
outgrew our building and we were forced to move our factory into 2 units behind our
Morningside Road premises. We are proud to have our own machine room with litho and
screenprinting, a UV tunnel, foiling plus die cutting machines. Our edge has to be our staff. The
machine room team is highly skilled and committed to producing quality product.

The repro department is where all jobs start. Here, we interpret your requirements and prepare
the artwork for printing. Different substrates lend themselves to different printing methods.
We started out as litho printers. Litho printing is where an image is transferred onto a metal
plate in such a way that ink is only attracted to the image and repelled by the rest of the area.
The image is then transferred to a rubber blanket which in turn transfers the image onto the
paper. Litho printing allows for fine detail, solid areas and is suited to longer runs.

Later we added screenprinting to our machine room. Screenprinting is when an image is
burned onto fabric which is tightly secured to a frame. Emulsion is applied which blocks the
areas of the fabric where there is no image. As the ink is pushed through the screen, with a
squeegee, it moves through the holes in the fabric where there is an image and is blocked from
going through the rest of the area of the screen. Screenprinting is perfect for shorter runs and
solid areas.

Our printed sheets need to be converted into products by being cut to shape. Die cutting
is essentially creating a giant cookie cutter out of steel rules using a custom shape designed
specifically for your product. The die is attached to one of our die cutting machines which
stamps your shape out of the board or paper.