Our Management Team

“When I walk through our factory, I can’t believe that we started with just one staff member and one machine.”
Mervyn Tobiansky
“Nothing makes me happier than finding the right packaging to match your brand.”
Madeline Pate (Retired)
“Business is about the people behind the brand. We are proud of our inclusive workspace.”
Julie Tobiansky
Our Mangers From left to right Julie, Joan, Denver, Feroza, Michael, Carol, Mervyn, Cedric, Cheslin, Madeline, Garreth, Carmen, Nick and Denver.
Great brands deserve great packaging. At our family owned Cape Town factory, we manufacture an extensive range of paper and board packaging. Our specialities are paper carrier bags and self-folding boxes. We have been designing and manufacturing quality, innovative product for more than 30 years. We produce packaging that “does what it says on the box”.

We don’t try to compete with the big guys. We have found our niche, catering for specialty packaging which means short to medium runs. We offer guidance to Start Ups – advising which packaging is most practical and viable for your products. It is so satisfying for us to see new businesses flourish, knowing we have had a hand in the process. Our custom side marries well with our off-the-shelf side, allowing us to offer solutions even for very small quantities.

In our factory, we litho print, silkscreen, emboss, foil, UV varnish, die cut and convert. Our hand assembly team is well versed in tackling the labour intensive finishing of our products.

Our greatest asset is not our manufacturing ability, it is our staff. We are proud to have an inclusive work space where staff members with varying abilities work together. Our staff care as much as we do that your job is produced according to your specifications and delivered on time.

Let Merrypak become your packaging supplier.

Madeline Pate
Julie & Mervyn Tobiansky

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