• What minimum quantity do I need to order for a custom product?

    There will always be set-up charges included in your quote. As your quantity increases, the price per item will decrease. This means very small quantities will be more expensive. 100 units would be a minimum for customising on most items but 500 is a more viable starting point. Some manufacturing processes are not suitable for shorter runs. Contact us with the quantity you are needing and we will guide you as to what options would suit the length of your run.

    What information do I need to give to get a quote?

    We need the quantity, internal dimensions (length, width, height), print specification and in the case of a box, what is going to go into it.

    How are your boxes and bags measured?

    We measure all of our boxes and bags in millimeters (mm). The measurements are internal dimensions.

    What is a Die Line?

    A die line is a diagram that shows all the cut lines and folds of a package in flattened form.

    What is a die form?

    A die form is a set of steel rules on a wooden base which is used as a “cookie cutter” when cutting and creasing your box or bag.

    What is the cost of a die form?

    We have a huge library of die forms. If we are able to use one of our standard dies, there will be no charge for the die. For new shapes and sizes, we will need to have a die made. Die charges range from R300 to R3000 depending on the intricacy. If you are charged for the die, that die will remain your property and will not be used for any other customer.

    What is Copy?

    In the printing industry, copy refers to the artwork or wording that is to be printed onto an item.

    Does Merrypak offer a design service?

    We have a small design team who can produce simple artwork and are well skilled to work with any artwork you may supply. More intricate artwork will need to be created by a design studio - We will provide a die line for them to work with.

    Will I see a proof of my custom product with my artwork prior to production?

    Yes, we will always make sure to get your approval of your artwork in writing before going ahead with production. In the case of special shapes and sizes, we will make a prototype for your approval.

    What types of paper are used to produce paper carrier bags?

    We use Bay White, Kraft Liner or Art Paper with a plastic laminate for our carriers. It is essential that the paper used is strong enough to hold the contents of the bag.

    Are Merrypak paper carrier bags recyclable?

    Yes, our matt carriers are all recyclable, once the handles have been removed. Our premium carriers have had a thin layer of plastic laminated to them and are therefore not recyclable.

    What types of handles are available?

    Our carriers are finished with woven cord (polyprop or cotton), flat cotton tape or jute handles. We do not offer ribbon as it creases and is difficult to thread. Some of our Economy Range has twisted paper handles.

    What type of printing is used on paper carrier bags?

    Our carriers are all litho printed except our economy range, which is overprinted by screenprinting.

    What is Spot UV Varnish?

    Spot UV varnish is printing using a clear varnish to enhance design elements on certain areas of your carrier bag. The sheets are then fed through a UV tunnel before die cutting.

    Are Merrypak boxes recyclable?

    Yes all of our boxes are fully recyclable.

    What types of board are used for manufacturing of boxes?

    We use sulphate board or brown kraft board for many of our boxes. For stronger boxes and merchandising stands, we use E flute (1.75mm) or B Flute (3mm).

    Will my boxes come to me folded?

    No, our boxes are always delivered flat and you will need to fold them yourself. This ensures that the boxes are not damaged in transit.

    Will I need glue or tape to secure my boxes?

    No, all Merrypak boxes are designed to interlock so that no glue or tape is required. Any gluing that may be required in manufacture, will be done before the boxes leave our factory.

    What are the lead times?

    We can usually deliver within 4 weeks of order depending on our work flow. For emergencies, we can produce decals to be applied onto any of our large range of off-the-shelf packaging.

    Does Merrypak deliver?

    If you are based in Cape Town, our driver will deliver to your door. Further afield, we use reliable courier services to get your order to you.

    What are Merrypak’s terms of payment?

    For custom orders we require 50% deposit with order and the balance before delivery.

    Can I use my Value Card to qualify for a discount?

    No, the Value card discounts only apply to “off the shelf” items.