Our Premium Range carriers are the “Rolls Royce” of paper carriers. We litho print onto 200gsm coated white art paper which allows for beautiful, high resolution 4 colour artwork and excellent solids. A thin film of plastic laminate (matt or gloss) is applied to the paper after printing to give a prestigious feel to the carrier. These carriers can also be foiled or spot varnished (which accentuates part of the design). The carriers are hand finished with woven cord or flat cotton tape handles. Optional extras are eyelets, base boards and coloured tissue paper.

Gloss Laminate
The shiny finish gives the artwork an extra depth and a striking effect as the light reflects off the surface of the carrier. Gloss laminated carriers grab attention with their brighter colours and visible shine.

Matt Laminate
The satin feel gives the carrier a sophisticated touch. The colours are slightly muted but the finish is high-class and one of not trying too hard to grab attention.

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